Meet Our Kalona Staff

When you come to Kalona Family Dental, you’re always in the best of hands. Our licensed and insured locally-owned dental practice will do everything we can to give you the winning smile you deserve. Call us today.

Dr. Erika Hahn—Dentist

Dr. Hahn was raised in Britt, Iowa and developed an interest in dentistry at an early age. As a child she had the opportunity to spend time in the dental clinic where her mother worked as a dental hygienist. She loved watching the dentists interact with patients and use their creativity on a variety of procedures. After earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Iowa she attended The University of Iowa College of Dentistry where she received her doctoral degree. During her final year of dental school Dr. Hahn completed rotations focused on caring for pediatric, geriatric, and special needs populations. After living in Iowa City for the past 8 years Dr. Hahn has recently moved to Riverside with her husband Todd and cat Lacey. She enjoys baking, cooking, yoga and traveling with her husband.

Kari—Dental Hygienist

Kari grew up in small Lake Miller, Iowa and loves working in the small town setting at Riverside Family Dental. She has been working as a dental hygienist for more than 25 years. Kari enjoys outdoor activities such as walking, gardening, and watching her two sons participate in sporting events. If Kari were a dental super hero she would be the Wisdom Tooth Warrior and magically make all third molars disappear. Her guilty pleasure is homemade chocolate sauce and hearing her sons say I love you.

Kellie—Dental Assistant

Before Kellie had braces she was able to fit two quarters and one dime in between her front teeth! Her beautiful straight teeth came from five years in braces! Now, she loves helping patients become comfortable with dentistry. Kellie is married with two kids and enjoys running and being outside gardening, boating and going to the park. If she were a dental super hero she would be Shot Stopper Shorty so she could make anesthetic be a pain free experience. Kellie’s guilty pleasure is eating sour patch kids.


Pam is a certified nursing assistant with 12 years experience working as a dental assistant. Pam enjoys working Kalona where she says the pace in slow and the people are friendly. Pam lives in Oxford with her husband and enjoys spending time with her 6 children and 11 grandchildren. Do not worry about Pam being bored in her free time. She loves traveling, water sports, snow skiing, volunteering, crafting, mowing her lawn, baking and reading. Pam’s biggest pet peeve is being late so she always arrives early to events and her job (thanks for that Pam!). If Pam were a Dental super hero she would be “Mystique Malocclusion” and rid the world of crooked alignment.