Meet Our Riverside Staff

When you come to Riverside Family Dental you’re always in the best of hands. Our licensed and insured locally-owned dental practice will do everything we can to give you the winning smile you deserve. Call us today.

Amanda—Dental Assistant

Amanda likes to spend her weekends snowmobiling or watching races but as a Dental Assistant at Riverside Family Dental she is mostly concerned about making patients feel comfortable. In fact, if she were a dental super hero she would be Miss Relaxator with the power to make all of her patients calm. Next time you’re at Riverside Family Dental check out Amanda’s workspace. You’ll notice it’s clean and tidy. She has a bit of an obsession with organization and doesn’t stand a chance of keeping things in

place at home with her three young children.

Briana—Dental Hygienist

Briana grew up in the Chicago suburbs but now calls Riverside home. She loves her 5-minute commute to work and her 6-year-old Sheltie loves the yard space! Briana and her husband spend most of their free time with their son on family outings and activities. They are excited to welcome another baby home this winter! On the rare occasion that they are able to sneak away without the kids Briana and her husband love to attend Hawkeye football games.

Kari—Dental Hygienist

Kari grew up in small Lake Miller, Iowa and loves working in the small town setting at Riverside Family Dental. She has been working as a dental hygienist for more than 25 years. Kari enjoys outdoor activities such as walking, gardening, and watching her two sons participate in sporting events. If Kari were a dental super hero she would be the Wisdom Tooth Warrior and magically make all third molars disappear. Her guilty pleasure is homemade chocolate sauce and hearing her sons say I love you.

Kellie—Dental Assistant

Before Kellie had braces she was able to fit two quarters and one dime in between her front teeth! Her beautiful straight teeth came from five years in braces! Now, she loves helping patients become comfortable with dentistry. Kellie is married with two kids and enjoys running and being outside gardening, boating and going to the park. If she were a dental super hero she would be Shot Stopper Shorty so she could make anesthetic be a pain free experience. Kellie’s guilty pleasure is eating sour patch kids.


Mary joined Riverside Family Dental in January 2017 and brought many years of customer service experience along with her. Mary says she can hear corn grow. And, since she grew up on an Iowa farm we are inclined to believe her. She currently lives in Washington with her feline companions, Max and Blue. If Mary were a dental superhero she would be “Captain Calm” and use her invisible cloak to protect patients from stress and fear. If Mary could have dinner with any four people she would choose Jesus, Julia Child, Abraham Lincoln and Lyle Lovett. We have to wonder if Mary would cook dinner or if she would leave it up to Julia Child.

Stephanie—Dental Hygienist

Stephanie joined Riverside Family Dental in February 2017. After working as a dental hygienist in Iowa City for 18 years she is thrilled to be back at Riverside Family Dental, where she started her career. Stephanie and her husband live in Kalona with their four sons, a Boxer, and two French Bulldogs. Stephanie says her dogs are more spoiled than her sons. If Stephanie were a dental superhero she would be “Cheshire” and use her special polish to transform everyone’s teeth and smile into big, bright white, gorgeous smiles. Stephanie’s guilty pleasure is eating chocolate in the middle of the night. But, of course she brushes and flosses afterwards.